Offered Classes

Beginner Classes- 4 sessions

1) Mind-Set Shift- here we look at the current economy, and the positive economic possibilities using the new financial technology which allows for  24/7 market place in our digital economy.

2) Centralized & Decentralized Systems- This course explains the difference in the two financial systems which are both running in parallel, world-wide today. The Centralized system, offered by the Federal Reserve, which most everyone is most familiar with. And the Decentralized system of digital money, cryptocurrency.

3) Understanding Tokenomics- This course explains the economic workings of the new digitized financial technology system available to all, world-wide

4)  Blockchain Technology Fundamentals -Want to understand more about how the technology under Cryptocurrency? Learn why this FINTECH is favorable for the success of all financial systems, centralized, hybrid and decentralized.

Crypto-Banking Courses

5) Crypto Familiarization-What is cryptocurrency exactly? And why is it important to know. How financial inclusion is possible and effective ecosystems can be created for communities.
6) Digital Currency Exchanges- This course we’ll discuss a handful of reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, what to look for and what to expect.

7) Digital Wallets Explained/KYC- This course we’ll discuss a handful of wallets and the importance of having at least one digital wallet. We will also walk through downloading a digital wallet on your telephone.

8) Accounts, Set up & Security- Interested in getting started in Cryptocurrency- here we will walk through an account set up on an exchange and explain some security features to protect your funds and accounts.

 Advanced Courses

9) Smart Contracts & Tokens -Take a deeper dive into Tokenomics and how it will allow many industries to automate their workflows using Blockchain Technology, and developing Smart Contracts for many business applications.

10) Custodial Accounts- What is a cryptocurrency custodian?  Learn more about the difference between self-managed and custodial accounts.

11) Self-Directed IRA’s for Crypto & Real Estate—Learn what are the benefits to a self directed IRA and how would to manage your own IRA.

12)  Digital IDs- Learn more about  how Digital ID’s are being created by using Blockchain Technology.

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